Scale Your Business Using Your Brilliance

The Brilliance Extraction™ Systems makes sure;

  • Your critical knowledge is never lost and becomes immortal
  • It is available to grow and scale up your business - you get lots of leverage!
  • You are building up your business' value
  • You have an excellent exit strategy - your business becomes sellable when it might not be right now
  • You can bring your expertise online - for course participants, your prospects, client, collaborators, and team

Dr. Stephie Althouse ("Dr. Stephie") wrote this Declaration of Brilliance to get you to think about your brilliance and how important it is, It is an invite for you to reflect on what you might want to do to use your expertise and wisdom more effectively, and ensure that it is available even you are not. Take a look!

Declaration of Brilliance

Declaration of Brilliance

What is YOUR Brilliance?™

Leverage and Future-Proof Your Unique Expertise and Wisdom

Discover Our Brilliance Extraction™ Method

Brilliance Extraction

To Grow, Capture and Systemize What You Know

We take your expertise (and that of your team members) to new heights.
We make your brilliance sustainable and scalable.
Expand your options for a profitable exit strategy.

Mapping Brilliance

Map out your brilliance and determine which area/s would benefit the most. We can make the process fast by using the keep it smart & simple (KISS) principle.

Capturing Brilliance

How much of your company's critical knowledge lives merely in the minds of a few key people? 
We solve that problem for good.

Replicating Brilliance

How well are your processes, workflows, and training methods documented? Are they delivering the results you need to win consistently? Get a big ROI fast.

Working with a Brilliance Thinking Partner Makes it Successful

As a Thinking Partner, we are the glue that makes the Brilliance Extraction™ System so successful.
We bring Fresh Eyes, accountability, and step-by-step progress. We know how to extract knowledge from you or your key people.
This includes some knowledge you might have even forgotten you have.

Your Brilliance In - Amplified Success Out

What Makes Us Unique?

Many coaching firms do a great job with coaching business owners and executives to another level of success. None of them, however, specialize in preserving and making better use of critical expertise.  We use a proprietary method, Brilliance Extraction™, to do just that.

We think of your expertise as your "Intellectual Capital", which is not to be confused with "Intellectual Property". Your intellectual capital is not knowledge that is learned from books or patented knowledge. It is the intangible expertise that is critical to operate and grow your business.  This expertise lives in the minds of key people like owners, partners, CEOs,  managers, and key experts.

We focus on translating intangible intellectual capital into transferrable knowledge. This fosters sustainability and growth. This process offers an amazing opportunity to accomplish together what none of us could do alone.

Another way of saying this is: We convert internal brilliance into intelligent growth and sustainable success.

Are you ...?

  • Full of knowledge/ expertise in your field or craft
  • Passionate about passing on what you know
  • See that there is a necessity to capture your hard-earned business success so that it is not gone when you are not there
  • Willing to leverage surprisingly small amounts of time to accomplish big results

If your answer is "Yes", let's take your company's brilliance to new heights.

Benefits of Brilliance Extraction™

The acronym SYSTEM spells out the benefits

  • Scale – Grow and scale
  • Yield – Gain more flexibility
  • Sustainability – Future-proof your company/organization
  • Time – Save time
  • Exit strategy – Have exit options
  • Money – Increase revenue, profits & business value/ share price

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“Thank you for your strategic guidance and the “Fresh Eyes Assessment".  Through your leadership, and in a short time, we exceeded our expectations in revenue and profitability, and Giroux Glass has emerged as a stronger, independent employee ownership managed company."

Anne-Merelie Murrell

CEO, Giroux Glass

"Working with you [using Brilliance Extraction™] has changed my life! My invention is now available in major box stores. My lifelong dream and vision to create a “Theory of Everything” is becoming a reality. I can’t thank you enough – this would not have happened with your skillful and caring guidance!” 

Don Berg

Boeing Technical Fellow, Pioneer of Stealth
Tim Walker

"Dr. Stephie excelled in her coaching for my consulting/coaching business. We went from the start to the roll-out to the pricing. She is a great encourager and full of wisdom, and has exceeded my expectations. I had my first contracts in hand within less than three months! I couldn't be happier.” 

Tim Walker

Coach to Lead Pastors

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